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Finish First Car Care Products



It seems everywhere you turn today someone has a new miracle automotive wax on the market.  Some advertise a year-long protection in one application, some say you no longer need to paint your car, just wax it with a little “paint job in a bottle”, and some go as far as to say set your vehicle on fire to prove your protection.  Usually if a product sounds too good to be true, it is!  Will it just be another product on your garage shelf along with the dozen other products you’ve tried and were not happy with?


The basic question with so called “miracle” products is, are they safe for your paint finish and will they protect your long term investment?  Liqui-Tech Corporation developed FINISH FIRST World Class Auto Polish/Finish with a different approach.  Our research and development of FINISH FIRST started with the study of paint.  The technology of today’s paints are very different then paints just a few years ago.  With the government setting environmental standards and safety factors of paint, chemicals, science is constantly changing its way to not only protect the finish of your vehicle, but enhance it as well.


FINISH FIRST meets today’s tough standard of automobile paint/finish care by using advanced technology based on synthetic polymers, similar to the synthetic paint on your vehicle.  This high tech formula contains no wax, no silicone or Teflon. FINISH FIRST uses a synthetic emulsion cleaning agent to dissolve old wax, tar, road film, dirt, and organic contaminants which cling to the paint even after washing.  With this dissolving cleaning action you will not create those “swirl” marks into your paint finish usually caused by organic wax cleaners.  Not only will FINISH FIRST not cause swirl marks, the cleaning emulsion will dissolve the contaminants in old swirl marks caused by previous waxes and make them disappear.  The concept behind this emulsion is a paint finish without any type of hand-rubbed wax look, just a scratch free new spray glow as if the paint were new.  FINISH FIRST is designed for any type of paint surface but excels on clearcoat finishes because of the no scratch cleaner.  For tough cleaning jobs on older, oxidized, or abused paint surfaces we suggest our FINISH PREP PreCleaner.  It uses the same emulsion cleaner but in full strength.


Cleaning ability is just a part of an overall paint/finish product.  FINISH FIRST contains a synthetic polymer which, unlike a wax, will bond itself to the base paint or clearcoated paint surface.  This coating of synthetic layer then cures into a tough, clear, protective, mirror-like solid which enhances your protection and enriches the depth of gloss.  This coating will provide protection for 6 to 9 months in any weather conditions.  With every coat of FINISH FIRST you can see the increase in gloss and protection being synthetic in design makes using FINISH FIRST different than a wax product.  We recommend applying FINISH FIRST thin over the entire vehicle and let it dry.  This drying time actually creates the coating that fills in swirl and scratch marks, our owner’s manual directs you to let FINISH FIRST dry at least 15 minutes.  You could let this dry an hour, or dry a week!  FINISH FIRST will remove just as easy.  Unlike waxes which can be a problem to remove, the longer FINISH FIRST dries, it never becomes hard to remove.  For direct instruction on FINISH FIRST please refer to our owner’s manual.  Once FINISH FIRST is applied if for any reason it needs to be removed, say for repainting, normal body shop sanding techniques are adequate for the removal.  Unlike organic waxes, there are no anti-paint chemicals in FINISH FIRST.


With the rising cost of automobiles today a little preventative maintenance can extend the life of your vehicle.  FINISH FIRST can protect your paint finish as long as you own your vehicle.  It will retain or restore that new car glow.  Liqui-Tech Corporation is on the leading edge of paint technology and will remain in constant research and development to ensure you the latest in paint/finish care.


L1B 1G1 Prices do not include 13% HST
Local 905-987-5601 Cell 416-720-6166
LT100 Finish First Polish - 16oz.  $                37.50
LT101 *Finish First Polish - Gallon  $              250.00
LT200 Finish Prep Pre-Cleaner - 8oz.  $                18.75
LT201 *Finish Prep Pre-Cleaner - 32oz.  $                62.50
LT301 LVR Protectant - 16oz.  $                20.00
LT303 *LVR Protectant - 32oz.  $                33.75
LT304 *LVR Protectant - Gallon  $              112.50
LT400 Finish Fast Spray - 16oz.  $                12.50
LT404 *Finish Fast Spray - Gallon  $                43.75
LT500 Finish First Wash - 16oz.  $                16.25
LT505 *Finish First Wash - Gallon  $                50.00
LT600 421 MPC - 32oz.  $                16.25
LT606 *421 MPC - Gallon  $                31.25
LT700 *Liqui-Tech Wheel Protector - 6oz.  $                18.75
LT800 Window Finish - 16oz.  $                  8.75
LT808 *Window Finish - Gallon  $                37.50
LT900 Metal Finish Polishing Crème - 3oz.  $                13.75
LT909 *Metal Finish Polishing Crème - 16oz.  $                50.00
ABS01 The Absorber  $                25.00
APL01 Polish Applicators  $                  2.50
APL02 Yellow Applicators  $                  1.25

Email gary@gradistribution.ca to place order

Automotive Detailing with Finish First


Painted surfaces (foreign and domestic), acrylics, enamels, metallics, clear coats, aluminum, chrome, steel, brass, fiberglass, glass, plastics and other hard impermeable surfaces.

·    Automobiles: leaves a mirror-like shine that resists acid rain and other pollutants

·    Boats: reduces surface friction and resists gasoline, salt water and chemical spills

·    Aircraft: reduces drag for improved performance and fuel economy

·    Recreational vehicles, trucks, buses, motorcycles and more!

·    Household uses: windows, kitchen counters, appliances, bathroom surfaces and mirrors, fixtures and more!


If wax residue is present (applied in the last 30 days), or if the finish is very dull, stained or oxidized, it should be cleaned with a high-quality precleaner such as Liqui-Tech Finish Prep or similar product. Apply FINISH FIRST® after washing the vehicle’s surface. Immediately, FINISH FIRST® begins to dissolve old wax, residue, tar, road film, dirt and organic contaminants which cling to the paint even after washing. Oxidation occurs when the paint is exposed to direct sunlight. This is a process in which oxygen combines with the paint and forms new chemical substances. The process is accelerated by the bleaching action of the sun, resulting in gradual deterioration of the paint.

FINISH FIRST® chemical polishing agents loosen and lift dirt and oxidized paint. Wash and dry vehicle thoroughly. Try to avoid washing with household detergents which contain Alkali or Ammonia because they can harm the surface, leaving it dull and streaked. We recommend FINISH FIRST® Wash & Conditioner. It’s neutral PH balance and free rinsing agents remove dirt and grime build up without harming your vehicle’s painted surface.


Apply approximately four drops the size of a dime to clean, soft, cotton cloth. This amount will polish about a 2-square foot area. Remember, the polish applied should be used sparingly. Apply a thin film to your vehicle and allow to dry completely before buffing. The key is in the quality of the applications, not the quantity of the polish used. If applied properly, a 1 pint can of FINISH FIRST® will yield 8 to 10 coats on a mid-size car, or one coat on five separate cars.

FINISH FIRST® can be applied either by hand or with an orbital polisher or buffer. Either method will produce excellent results. When applying by hand, polish with a straight back and forth motion.

FINISH FIRST® is easy to apply because of its thin, concentrated formula. After haze appears, allow to dry for a minimum of a 1 hour to give the FINISH FIRST® layers time to cure. This drying time is an important part of the FINISH FIRST® shine. With being a synthetic polish/finish the drying time allows the product to fill scratches and swirled marks. If your vehicles is scratched or swirled from waxes, we recommend overnight drying if your vehicle can remain indoors for this period. Then wipe off the haze with a clean soft, cotton cloth. It removes so easy!!!

The surface must be cool to the touch (50-90oF/10-32OC) before applying. For best results do not use in direct sunlight. A vehicle which is too hot will cause the carriers in FINISH FIRST® to evaporate too quickly. This could cause the polymer to cure unevenly, thus streaking. Streaks can be removed by buffing the surface with a damp towel, repeat if necessary.

Do not apply FINISH FIRST® to porous surfaces such as vinyl, rubber, fabric etc. Never apply any type of polish or wax to the repainted surface of a vehicle for at least 30 days from the time it left the paint shop. FINISH FIRST® can, however, be applied immediately to the surface of a brand new vehicle. The painted surface of a new car is sufficiently cured by a baking process before the car leaves the factory.

An initial application of two coats is recommended with at least a 24 hour waiting period between coats for curing. For best results, wait 24 hours between coats after the second is applied (between the second and third coat; third and fourth coat, and so on).

FINISH FIRST® is durable, weather-resistant and able to build layers in order to increase protection and enrich the depth of the gloss. A regular wax coating, which is not curable, lacks the ability to build layers because the solvent of the second coat destroys the first coat. With FINISH FIRST® the more coats you apply, the deeper the gloss and the greater the protection.



If you wish to repaint your vehicle, normal body shop sanding techniques are adequate for the removal of FINISH FIRST®.


FINISH FIRST® in a closed container has a shelf life of 2 to 5 years. Store below 90o F/32OC and above freezing. Storage toward the cooler end of this temperature range will prolong the shelf life. FINISH FIRST® may separate on standing, but can be redispersed without harm by shaking.


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